Helping the orphanage

Orphanage homes help to nurture kids who are homeless by taking care of their physical and emotional needs, but there is always some deep issue that these youth struggle with and is in need of help to overcome them. These issues cause them to feel unloved, trap or even as if they are in prison and most times they lose all hope for the future.

While most children in an orphanage have experienced some form of neglect, some might due to poor adult to child ratio, others experience more severe forms such as abuse by people who should have been an inspiration and a protector of them, there will be moment when these issues terrify and frustrate these kids and they don’t know how to cope with them.

They need a person in their lives who will be there not to abuse but to motivates, inspire and also to portray true and sincere love to them. Our mission is to reach to these kids and help to take care of some their physical and spiritual needs and also help to instill moral value within them.
This will help with the rebuilding of their emotional and spiritual lives that have suffered some form of neglect or abuse. It is also our vision to implement and maintains a structured setting to help to foster the development of the personal and social functioning of each child.

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