The life of the homeless

Jesus Even The Homeless
Don't treat people bad because they are in worst condition than you, because they are still a human, also God cares and love them the same way he loves you. Let us reach the homeless with the love of God, by taken care of their physical and spiritual needs

Homelessness is defined as a condition of without a regular dwelling. They are person’s who are most often unable to provide for their self’s, like their safety, adequate housing and proper hygiene for themselves. Some have reached this point because of bad decisions they made in life and others because of thing beyond their control. 

Many have given up on life, having no hope for the future, it is our vision to help by taking care of their physical and spiritual needs; by giving them the tools that they need to rebuild their hopes and dreams. There is a wise saying that “The different between the foolish person and a wise person is that the wise person is able to see with the love of God while the foolish person sees only with the eyes of man (thinking about himself).

 Let us see with the love of God, reaching out to the needy and imparting in them love, vision, and wisdom which will help to elevate them from the place they are to a place that is more humane. 
We will continue to live by the examples that Jesus had set “for I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you to me in:”Matthew 25:36 so taking care of the homeless we are fulfilling Jesus commands.

From today let's make this commitment that you and I will change the way we look at others and also the way we treat others, let us execute the first change, and I am sure it will change the concept of how others sees us, in which will cause them to change their behavior toward others, and in the end no one will get hurt. 
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