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Teaching and sharing God's love

Very often we get confused as to which fruit we want to bear because we infiltrate our minds with negative thoughts. These thoughts corrupt the positivity of our minds: the control panel of our body.It controls our every action. To be more practical, if you sit in a chair and tell yourself that you will not move that's exactly what will happen; that's how powerful the mind is.

Therefore, if you limit yourself by planting negative seeds then it's only fair to reap negative fruits.
Our thoughts are affected by various factors and as such, we have to sow positive seeds. Let us Change our mindset, having faith, don't compare yourself with other and don't use your past to predict your future but, let's live in love and also share that love.

Let us walk in God's grace, teaching and showing His love to others, especially to the less fortunate; not only feeding them but also taking care of their needs because that's the requirement of the Lord Jesus. Join us and make a donation today as we carry out this mission, we can't do it without you.

Prayer and Praise

Prayer for guidance

 posted by: Simon White on 4/14/2017

I need you to pray to God for His guidance and protection over me and my family lives, that His... Read More

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Jesus has been good to me

 posted by: Shawn on 4/10/2017

Thank God for His grace and mercy, because so many time I wanted to give into the pressure but,... Read More

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Sometimes it take the mountain
sometime it takes the mountain to change me

How can we help

Do you know someone in need of help? contact us, we will try our best to alleviate the situation, also if you want to be a part of our outreach mission show your interest by contacting us that we can work and impact individuals lives in a positive way. 
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